Organising a Trip

There are a number of things to organise before your trip. To start with, contact us with information including: the number in your group; The age of your group members; Your aims and desired outcomes and an idea of the time of year you are planning to visit. We will put together a programme in collaboration with you when you are ready to confirm your booking with dates and numbers in your group.

We will send you out an information pack, alongside which you will receive the following:

  • Course Confirmation
  • Course Information form
  • Medical Forms
  • Statement of risk
  • Kit list
  • Transport information
  • Presentation for schools
  • Bedroom plan
  • Duty Group form
  • Activity Group form
  • Dietary information form.

Download the information pack here (Jan 2020)

Download the Kit List here.

During the trip

Our staff will greet you on arrival at the centre, help you and the group to settle in to the centre, discuss the coming week, hand out waterproofs and walking boots to the group, and test them out on a night walk in the local area.

Food during the week is made on site by our excellent team of cooks. Each morning after the groups have breakfast, they make their own lunch from locally sourced ingredients and home-made cakes. Evening meals are all cooked fresh, and groups are treated to three courses; soup, main course and dessert. Our cooks work incredibly hard to ensure that they provide delicious nutritious meals that are suitable for anyone with particular dietary requirements.  During the week the days are spent out on activities, and our centre staff usually run two evenings of activities per week. We can provide resources and help to plan evening activities should you need it. On evenings where a member of our staff is not on duty there is always someone available on call.

Organisers checklist
Item What to do Done
Course Confirmation To be sent back with deposit as soon as possible to confirm your booking  
Course information form To be sent back as soon as possible  
Medical forms /Statement of Risk To be sent out to children and adults participating in the trip. 2 copies to be brought with you to the centre  
Kit list To be sent out to participants of the trip  
Transport information Check all is correct  
Dietary information form Fill this in and send to the centre at least 2 weeks prior to your course  
Bed spaces Allocate children to dormitories and fill this in on the form. Bring this with you to the centre  
Duty groups Allocate children to groups and bring a copy with you  
Activity groups   Allocate children to groups and bring a copy with you  
Full payment An invoice will be sent on the first day of your trip to be paid within 14 days.