River & Sea

Gorge walking

Gorge Walking is quite often one of the most popular activities with the groups that visit the centre. It involves travelling through a gorge, scrambling around waterfalls, sliding into pools and generally getting very wet! The experience of working together to overcome the challenges faced is one that groups really benefit from. We are lucky enough to have exclusive access to a variety of venues near the centre which we can choose depending on the groups need.


The steep mountain environment of Snowdonia National Park gives rise to some amazing deep river canyons. In the summer time these canyons are incredible places to visit, not only for the stunning and rare environment, but also for the adventures that the steep rivers provide, swimming, sliding and scrambling through the canyon is a very special experience.

Kayaking sea / river

For smaller or more experienced groups, perhaps as part of a Duke of Edinburgh award, we can offer both sea and river kayaking as an activity.

Sea level traversing

The North Wales coast offers some fantastic opportunities for sea level traversing. This involves climbing, scrambling and sometimes swimming along the shoreline.

White water rafting

We can organise white water rafting on a nearby river for an additional cost.