Reviews from parents:

  • Both of the girls really enjoyed the experience and came back happy and excited with what they’d achieved…the main challenge was remembering all of the things they needed to tell us!
  • Aimee had a great time, and memories that will last forever.
  • As a parent you always worry about a child going away on a trip overnight but the planning and overall communication throughout and amazing support and guidance from staff and centre staff helped put parents at ease and let the children enjoy the experience.
  • It is an excellent experience for them and I have been so happy to see them have the opportunity to try new things, and motivate themselves to continue when they are tired or scared. They have always felt supported and encouraged by teachers, leaders and peers. I know the memories will stay with them for a lifetime. Thank you all so much.


Reviews from students:

  • Overall the learning and development and experiences at Rhos helped me to develop and build skills that even I didn’t know I could have.
  • It helped me believe that anything was possible as long as I put my mind to it. The trip has inspired me to look out for adventure.
  • The food that the team of cooks presented us with made me feel like I was eating in a restaurant every day! I can not believe I was being treated to a three course meal every evening!
  • The welcome was so warm it felt like a home from home.
  • I made unforgettable memories when we went canoeing that will last forever.
  • I am appreciative of the resilience my peers and I have earned through this experience and the trust we now have in one another. I am thrilled to take my new-found perseverance home and with me into the real world.